Photo of the Week, 20/11/16 – Mui Ne, Vietnam

Sunshine, warmth, blue water, great people. What more could you want from a seaside town? Mui Ne, Vietnam is a town in the south of the country famed for its huge sand dunes. It is well and truly on the well-trodden backpackers’ path, much to our surprise. On these dunes, you can hire plastic sheets from mischievous-looknig  children and ride down the dunes with the sandy wind in your face. 

The white sand dunes are the most spectacular. Here, you can hire quad bikes (ATVs) and ride around the dunes at your own pace. It must be said that these bikes are not the most powerful, and any attempt at climbing too high a dune will leave you stranded in the sand, as happened to us a few times. 

This week’s Photo of the Week is one we are really proud of.

Quad biking in Mui Ne is so much fun.
Quad biking in Mui Ne is so much fun.


The way the light falls over the sand as the dunes undulate as far as the eye can see. Riding across the dunes on four wheels, with sand and wind blasting your skin, is a liberating, exhilarating feeling. The sound of the engine propelling you forwards as you glide across the sand. 

This is all wonderful, but when you get to the top, the panoramic view framed by the setting sun, is unbelievably romantic. Riding on this machine with this amazing girl to the top of incredible dunes, to see a breath-taking view, was truly unforgettable. This panoramic photo is imbued with great memories and visceral feelings of exhilaration.

What a feeling.


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