Photo of the Week, 27/11/16 – Siquijor, The Philippines

Siquijor is one of the most secluded and beautiful islands in the Philippines. Also one of its smallest, Siquijor island lies next Bohol and is reached from the student city of Dumaguete. As the ferry came into port, the sky began to turn a menacing shade of grey when compared to what was behind us. It was as if the island was under a curse of clouds, perhaps a coincidence as Siquijor is famous in The Philippines for its stories of sorcery and witchcraft.

We spent three days on the island and within a hour, it was obvious that Siquijor would present a veritable harvest of beautiful photos. The westerly beaches adjacent to our accommodation are covered in coral, the sea is a brilliant blue, and the amulet sun sets directly overhead. It is one of these sunsets that we have chose as our Photo of this Week. Travelers are known purveyors of sunset photos, chasing the best views into the night. We think we’ve harnessed our true photographic power with this scene.

Observing this sunset in the perfectly still waters.
Observing this sunset in the perfectly still waters.

This was the scene one night on San Juan’s beach. I don’t think the scene really needs explaining in too much detail; it speaks for itself. Safe to say, the colours streaking across the sky were mesmerising and we left feeling completely awestruck.

I always feel that nature is unique in the way it can make you feel. Even the horizon was spectacular in its apparent emptiness. We’ve been lucky to see some really incredible sunsets on our short trip.

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