Photo of the Week, 23/10/16 – Vang Vieng, Laos

After arriving in Laos just over a week ago, we briefly visited its capital, Vientiane, before descending on Vang Vieng. Having neglected to read up on Laos, in general and having heard negative things about this town in particular, we really did not know what to expect. After to speaking to people on our travels, it seems that Laos is the country in this region that. people tend to miss out, preferring Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. We implore you to buck this trend: seriously, please don’t avoid this country, Laos is so beautiful and so worth seeing!

This week’s Photo of the Week portrays a moody-looking riverside in Vang Vieng. 


River in Vang Vieng

This absolutely stunning scene is but a snippet of the beauty this town has to offer. The photo was taken from Smile Beach Bar, situated right on the riverside. The water cascades down the mountains, past the picturesque karsts rupturing the landscape, and creates a scene which is truly breath-taking.

Smile Beach Bar is one of the finish points for tubing (we will be writing about this separately soon, please bear with us), a time-honoured, if a little controversial, activity available in Vang Vieng. The bar offers a relaxed atmosphere, with hammocks, huts, and platforms to enjoy an evening drink by the river, whilst soaking up the incredible view.

Right after this photo was taken, a huge storm hit. This is the reason the scene is so moody, and we think it really adds to the image. From our viewpoint, you could see a break in the sky; half of the sky filled with warm orange and pink tones, whilst the other, grey, provided the contrast. Watching tropical thunderstorms is one of our favourite things to do (as long as we’re in hammocks under huts not getting too wet!); its so exhilarating.

Although we’ve been lucky enough to visit some truly amazing places so far on our journey, Vang Vieng has become our favourite. This week’s Photo of the Week does not do justice to some of the most impressive landscape we have seen anywhere in the world. How anyone can think any differently about this place, we cannot comprehend.


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