Photo of the Week, 18/12/16 – Ubud and Gili Air, Indonesia

This is a monumental week for Katherine and I and our journey around the world. It marks four months since we left home, its Christmas (if you didn’t know), and we’re flying to Australia tomorrow for a period of rest, reliable wifi, and fund recuperation. Unfortunately, this means the end of our time in Southeast Asia; the place that gave life to our dreams of travelling the world. The last four months have been such a whirlwind of adventure, new experiences, and almost absolute exhaustion, that we will scarcely know what to do with ourselves when we settle in Australia for a few months.

I’m sure we’ll cope. For now, let’s take a look back at what we got up to this week.

We spent the last week in Ubud and Gili Air in Indonesia. In Ubud we survived the fantastic Ubud Monkey Forest, and we climbed a volcano at 2am to bear witness to the most incredible sunrise we’ve ever seen. In Gili Air, we relaxed on the peaceful beaches, and went snorkelling with sea turtles. We even saw baby ones waiting to be re released into the ocean. It’s been a week of so much adventure, that we couldn’t pick just one photo as a standout moment.


Photo of the week
The sunrise at the 1.1km summit of Mt. Batur in Bali.

A 2-hour trek up this volcano left us with stiff knees, aching thighs, and flat-lined torches. As we scrambled in it the dark over volcanic rock after volcanic rock, we seriously considered what we had woken up so early for – let me tell you, three hours sleep is not enough to climb a volcano. The sun began to rise at about ⅔ of the ascent and as the thick, creeping fog started to clear, any doubts were dispelled. This is one of our favourite photos from our trip, it was breathtaking.

A sea turtle resting on the coral in the Gili Islands.

On our first snorkelling expedition since we’d been in Koh Tao, Thailand we were guaranteed by the guides to see turtles. Our excitement could hardly have been more visceral. On just the first snorkelling session we saw no more than three turtles. The guide, whose lung capacity was incredible, free-dived for a good minute or two to get close to the majestic creature. Thankfully, he took my GoPro with him for a closer look and we came out with this excellent close-up. We could hardly believe our luck watching the footage back on the boat.


With the end of our time in Southeast Asia comes the end of this photo series. Our ‘Photo of the Week’ series has been an excellent way of keeping you all up to date with the things we’ve most enjoyed about our trip over the last four months. The next few weeks in Australia will be largely family affairs and, while we’ll be posting as regularly as usual, the Photo of the Week series will be taking a brief hiatus. We’ll be lifting off again travelling around Australia on January 9th, 2017 when we hit Tasmania and Adelaide.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our photos and stories so far, and as always, your feedback is super important and we cherish it. If you have something to say, please drop a comment below.

Sam and Katherine.

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    All good so far. Have a safe journey from civilisation to the outback xx

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