Hello Wanderers and welcome to WhenTwoWander,

We’re Sam and Katherine, a young British couple on an adventure wandering the world.

Sam swinging like a monkey at Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor in the Philippines.

I’m Sam, I’m 23, and the better half of WTW. I have two passports – British and Australian. I love food, tea, Manchester United, and some good rock music. I love travel and even as a kid I knew I wanted to travel the world. We’ve done loads so far; it was really awesome learning to dive in Koh Tao, Thailand. I’m looking forward to seeing family during our time in Australia, and I can’t wait to visit Machu Picchu and learn to speak Spanish in Bolivia. I do a lot of the writing on WhenTwoWander; its like a glorified diary of what we get up to and why traveling as a couple is the best.

image I’m Katherine, I’m 21 and obviously the better half of WTW. I’ve travelled to a few different places before, including Thailand, Kenya, and Tanzania, and each time has made me realise how much I love seeing new places and making amazing memories. I graduated from university in July 2016 and I am very excited to begin this new journey. Something we both agree on is our love of food so travelling Asia with its diverse cuisines will be super exciting; especially when we try cooking it ourselves in Chiang Mai. I think the biggest struggle for me will come before we even leave… fitting everything in my rucksack. Luckily Sam has a bigger bag than me! WhenTwowander-wise, I am in charge of taking and directing Sam in photos which I splash all over social media to show you guys what we’re up to. I also do some of the writing, but everything else we do together; its a harmonious relationship!

Our story is a bit of a sign of the times. We met serendipitously on Twitter in 2013 as Sam asked the volunteering company he was going to Ghana with for some fundraising tips. I’d been to Tanzania on a similar trip a few months before so the company asked me to help him out. We tweeted each other a few times and then went on our merry ways. It wasn’t until 2014 that we began talking again and Sam asked me on a date. We’ve never looked back.

As a couple, we’ve visited a few cities like Paris and Nuremberg and now we really want to get stuck in to a long trip together. Travel is something we both love and having both finished university degrees and earned enough money over the past year, we are now able to pick up sticks and wander the world. Liebster and Versatile Bloggers Award-winners, WhenTwoWander is the story of our journey which will teach us about ourselves and the world, and will stay with us for our lifetimes; whichever road we travel down next. 


Safe Travels,