[Video] WhenTwoWander… On a Sydney to Brisbane Road Trip

So… as you may or may not know, we are in Australia now and in January, Katherine’s parents came out from chilly England to visit us for two weeks. Our first port of call was Sydney for Australia Day, and from there we embarked on a 10-day road trip to Brisbane. Australia is a beautifully diverse country with such a variety of landscapes that driving is rarely boring (well maybe a bit). There is something to do wherever you go and the weather is famously phenomenal. Our three months here so far has been fun-filled and packed with great experiences, and we still have half a year left.


SYDNEY – One of the most glorious cities on earth and the biggest in Australia, we felt we walked its streets forever. The city comes alive at night, the flying foxes speckle the sky and the Opera House competes with the Harbour Bridge for your attention. We spent a lot of time at Circular Quay, where these goliaths of tourism live, but we also headed out to Bondi Beach for some ice-cold sea fun.

BLUE MOUNTAINS – Breath-taking views and rigorous exercise were the order of the day when we trekked in the Blue Mountains (without water bottles). We stayed in a brilliant Airbnb with fresh eggs everyday and mosquito ambushes by night. Everything about this place is attractive; blue skies, mountains and valleys, and ample chances to interact with nature. 

PORT STEPHENS – A small fishing town on the route famous for its bottlenose dolphins. We went on a dolphin-watching tour with a small company and got the most incredible experience without damaging the animals or their environment. Not much to do after 7.30pm though; it is a small town after all…

COFFS HARBOUR – Most famous for being the first location in Australia to host one of the ‘Big’ things, The Big Banana, Coffs Harbour and the surrounding area boasts many activities. Despite being disappointed by the size of the banana, we had a wonderful time paddle-boarding and didn’t fall in – despite Katherine’s mum’s best efforts.

BYRON BAY – Pretty close to paradise beach-wise, Byron’s atmosphere, demographic, and natural beaches attracts people of all shapes and sizes. We were impressed by the restaurants on offer but the best part of all was learning to surf.

BRISBANE – Australia’s third largest city, picturesque Brisbane plays host to our favorite ice-cream shop on the planet; Nitrogenie. This was eclipsed however by the time we held very posy koalas at Lone Pine Sanctuary. This city is truly beautiful and far exceeded our expectations – we’d love to return one day.


DISCLAIMER: Australian and New Zealand viewers please watch through the link below as you will not be able to view directly on YouTube.


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We're Sam and Katherine, a young British couple on the trip of a lifetime. We've navigated South East Asia on a tight budget, and we're currently based in Melbourne, Australia. South America is next on the list! Our story is a sign of the times - we met on Twitter! We've been a couple for three years now, but we're still learning about each other.
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26 thoughts on “[Video] WhenTwoWander… On a Sydney to Brisbane Road Trip

  1. backpackingdetours Reply

    Australia looks amazing! It’s great you were able to have family to come out and share the experience with you.
    Hopefully I can visit one day.

  2. Sheena Benedicta Reply

    Hope to visit Australia someday. Thanks for the great post.

    • WhenTwoWander Post authorReply

      You should, it’s a place everyone should love! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Bec Reply

    I grew up on this coast, there are so many quaint little beach towns, IIuka beach is stunning, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley (wine growing region) are also worth a visit. You can only do so much in 10 days, it’s always a challenge to decide where to go and your itinerary includes most of the major places. The big banana seemed huge as a child but I a few years ago I went back there and I agree as an adult it’s not actually that impressive.

    • WhenTwoWander Post authorReply

      Yeah it was v disappointing! We had an awesome road trip and we really want to go and do it again so we’ll take those into consideration. Where is Iluka Beach?

  4. Matt Hulland Reply

    Oh so many memories, I’m super jealous right now and want to get back there. Keep up the great work and enjoy your travels!

  5. Lana Pajdas Reply

    Australia is on my bucket list. I would prefer to go there in the summer, when it’s winter in Europe :p 😀 I would love to go to the beaches around Brisbane 🙂

  6. kittytocity Reply

    What a fun video! Looks like everyone had a blast! I need to make it to Australia…

  7. Gem Reply

    Look like a blast! I would love to visit Australia one day. What’s the music playing in the background? Absolutely love it 🙂

    • WhenTwoWander Post authorReply

      Thanks for your comment and glad you enjoyed the video! Australia is great place to be.

      The music is:
      Chameleon by Pnau
      Giving up the Gun by Vampire Weekend
      24K Magic by Bruno Mars

  8. projectdinnerparty Reply

    A road trip from sydney to brisbane sounds great. I was lucky enough to see the blue mountains but there’s so much in between I wished I could’ve seen.

    • WhenTwoWander Post authorReply

      Ah there’s so much even we didn’t see and its such a short journey really when you think how big Australia is! Thanks for your comment.

  9. Erin Leigh Ever After Reply

    I’ve always wanted to visit Australia! This is such a helpful little guide on where to go on the coast. The video looks so fun. I agree, the music is also great. Which was your favorite spot?

    • WhenTwoWander Post authorReply

      Haha thank you, we’ll be writing a full-on itinerary eventually but thought this would tide you all over. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! We love love loved Byron Bay because it was gorgeous weather and the beaches are magnificent. Have you done any trips similar?
      Thanks for your comment, Erin.

  10. Tami Reply

    There sure is some incredible scenery in Australia! Looks like you had quite an adventure. And the older couple traveling with you — was that one of your parents? So glad they were able to join you!

    • WhenTwoWander Post authorReply

      Yes! That’s Katherine’s parents! We were so so pleased that they could come out. – Plus it meant that they could drive us everywhere haha!

  11. Neha Verma Reply

    Australia seems to be a very beautiful place. And I have heard so much about the road trips here. Yours also sounds like an awesome road trip. I will definitely take it up when I visit Australia

  12. Joanna Reply

    The video looks great and you managed to cover quite a lot in your road trip! The blue mountains hike looks really cool, I think I would probably be afraid and duck under those rocks, in case there is a snake hiding somewhere there (terrified of snakes person here, haha).

    • WhenTwoWander Post authorReply

      Haha I’m more scared of spiders but Katherine is scared of everything so we were being very careful not to disturb anything!

  13. Isadora Koller Reply

    Australia is beautiful, it has so many different landscapes in one only coutnry, totally worth visiting!! I watched you video and it looks so fun!! It is great how you guys managed to show a little bit of all your experiences there!

  14. Andi Reply

    My hubby and I have wanted to head down under for years. We consider it an epic voyage because there is so much to take in. We are foodies and want to check out all that Sydney has offer as well as explore the wine areas. That’s just to start – then there is everything outdoor!

    • WhenTwoWander Post authorReply

      Yeah and then you have to sample Melbourne’s coffees and Adelaide’s wines!

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