Why you should go to Tadsae Falls instead of Kuang Si Falls

If you’re going to Laos, the chances are your going to Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed city. If you’re going to Luang Prabang, then you’re almost definitely going to Kuang Si Falls. Its the #1 attraction in the city, aside from the charm of the city itself, and for good reason. It will blow you away. But consider this for a second. Its the most visited attraction, in the most visited city in Laos. There are going to be so many other tourists there and they will ruin your photos even after you’ve waited half an hour for a clear spot. We went to some other falls around the city, and here’s why you should too. 

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Tadsae Falls
KP being a tourist.

Like I said, Kuang Si Falls will be busy. It’s a big area, and there’s a lot of space, but the pools and the falls are still pretty crowded. It is famous for a reason, and we were seriously impressed with what we saw. The falls were huge, and the water in the pools was clear and a gorgeous green hue. However, you do bump into people in the pool and theres the issue of inevitable, accidental photobombs. 

Tadsae, Kuang Si’s younger sister, is less famous and therefore less busy. It’s a sprawling site, and there’s a pool you can jump into at the bottom. It’s still spectacular, there are just fewer people ruining your fun. Travel is all about the adventure and finding places off the beaten track. Tadsae Falls is known to the tuk yuk drivers in the city, but its not so well-known to those travelers only in the city for a few days – that’s Kuang Si’s area. 


At Kuang Si, there is just the one pool at the very bottom. Its glorious, and refreshing, but there is only one. At Tadsae Falls, there are too many pools to count. You can wander up the track to what appears to be the top, and you’ll stumble on another track further into the woods where another pool appears. We went to Kuang Si first, so when we found out about Tadsae we went looking for these tracks. 

Tadsae Falls
The four of us found a deserted pool near the top – it was perfect and even had a natural waterslide!

We reached the top and were greeted by this mystical, greenblue pool. The afternoon sun shone lustily through the trees, dappling us with perfect golden beams. Reflected off the water, the swaying branches of the sun-soaked trees created a serene feeling as we edged our way into the frigid mini-lake. There was noone around. Noone else had bothered to stray off the path, preferring the smaller pools lower down. Having this circle of peaceful space to ourselves was magic.

Coming back down was just as pretty. Endless pools cascading down the hill as the trees drooped under the weight of the sun. They provided ample cool shade from the blaring Asian sun whilst we bathed and rejuvenated under the many different waterfalls. 


Kuang Si is impressive; there’s no denying it. But in our opinion, Tadsae equals it in beauty. We had such a great time exploring its many different levels; climbing up fallen trees, traversing the water’s edge, and avoiding spiders and mosquitoes (less fun). At Kuang Si there is the one huge waterfall that you can’t get near, and then one main pool. At Tadsae, the falls are spread out and concertina like liquid pennies in a glorious, natural slot machine. 

Tadsae Falls
Katherine looking like a beautiful fairy by the falls at Tadsae.

Waterfalls are simply majestic. If you’ve travelled around Asia, the likelihood is, you’ll have been to a fair few. They all have this quality that makes you stand and just stare. Its the power of nature. But when you have someone important to you, next to you, and you both share this spellbinding experience, it brings you closer. Nature’s wonders bind you together as they do humans to the earth. 

Tadsae is a wonderful place.

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Tadsae Falls

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