The Most Random Thing Happened After This Night Out…

Constant travel can be revitalizing, thrilling, and enlightening. But it can also be very tiring; sleep is never far away. This story comes from one night out in Seminyak, Bali, and it was one of the most random moments of our travels in Asia. 

We stayed at Capsule Hotel, Seminyak; a place famous for its laughing gas, and its capsule-orientated dorm rooms. Not only is it one of our favourite hostels, it is surely one of the Top 10 in South East Asia for Backpackers. Capsule is a social hostel which offers backpackers a safe environment in which to engage in drinking, chatting, and playing games. We stuck around for a few nights and met some really fun people. We had no idea one of them would be this funny.


It was a pretty standard evening at Capsule; the music was loud, the air was warm, the bar was comfortably busy, and the staff were in top form. We had made friends with some guys from all over the world on the previous night. After a day of sun-soaking at a beach club nearby, we returned to the hostel for some food, and some games. Card games are a central part of the social life of a backpacker, and the ones that involve alcohol are the most popular. 

This night, we sat down with Michael and Tom, two British blokes on a long term trip overseas. They introduced us to a new card game (which we were quite good at) and we got the drinks in. At about 9.30pm, after several more rounds – of both cards and drinks – a suddenly shirtless Michael decided we were going to a club in Canggu, about an hour’s taxi ride away from Seminyak. He excitedly told us that he needed to get ready first (and find a shirt) and then disappeared. 

About an hour later, another couple of friends, Scot and Adri, arrived to play Cards Against Humanity. If you’ve played this game, you’ll know it can be pretty dark, so you can imagine the kind of cards that were being played. By this stage, we’d forgotten all about Mike and Canggu, and Tom had gone off to bed too. Katherine didn’t feel like going out again either, so Scot, Adri, and myself headed off to the closest club.


It’s the most popular party spot in Seminyak so it was packed full of people. We got stamped at the door and then went to the off license next door to buy cheap drinks. The off licence itself is almost as popular as the club, with what seemed like hundreds of people standing outside drinking on the street. At about 2am, we got separated and I walked back to the hostel. I was craving a McDonalds – as you do after a night out – and in Bali, they deliver to your hostel. I was in heaven! 

Although Katherine had been in bed for hours, she was ecstatic to be woken at the prospect of a McDonald’s. We pigged out and I told her all about the club and what had gone on during the night. Then just as we were finishing our 20 chicken nuggets, Michael pops up, still shirtless, and casually sits down next to us. He was giggling to himself, and dripping wet. Our first thoughts were “Oh yeah we were supposed to go to Canggu, where did you disappear to?” His laughter got a little more manic until we asked where he’d been and why he was wet. 

He had gone for a shower at 9.30, passed out asleep on the shower floor, left it running for 5.5 hours and had only just woken up. It was the most unexpected and random thing to have happened, and we couldn’t believe it. He was soaked, sober, and laughing his head off.

He obviously slept well.

There are some nights out you'll never forget. Well we'll never forget what happened after this night out in Bali. This story is so random, but very funny!

There are some nights out you'll never forget. Well we'll never forget what happened after this night out in Bali. This story is so random, but very funny!

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We're Sam and Katherine, a young British couple on the trip of a lifetime. We've navigated South East Asia on a tight budget, and we're currently based in Melbourne, Australia. South America is next on the list! Our story is a sign of the times - we met on Twitter! We've been a couple for three years now, but we're still learning about each other.
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16 thoughts on “The Most Random Thing Happened After This Night Out…

  1. Flo Reply

    Sounds like an eventful night! Interesting things always seem to happen after some Cards Against Humanity and alcohol. Hope you guys continue to find yourselves in fun situations, these are the memories you look back on in 20 years and laugh about!

  2. Rishabh & Nirali Reply

    HAHAHAHA! This is by far the most random (and fun) thing we’ve read all day. Drunk stories happen all around us all the time but not many people write about it. Thanks for sharing. It all goes adds up to the laughter quota of the day 🙂

  3. Suma Shah Reply

    This sounds like a good, hilarious ending of a fun nightout. We are still wondering how can someone be under the shower for 5.5 hours and be sleepin! ANd would love to know how to play Cards Against Humanity..:)

  4. Punita Malhotra Reply

    That was the funniest thing to happen to your friend. I can imagine him sleeping on the wet shower floor, with all the water that had been running for over 5 hours! Hilarious!

    • WhenTwoWander Post authorReply

      Yeah he was quite amused by it all! Thanks for your comment.

  5. Sridhar @interludejourney Reply

    Funny stories and unforeseen mishaps are always part of traveling. This is what makes it more memorable for us. Despite these, I know we can all say that without these funny stories, your travel wouldn’t be as fun as it was. Nicely put..

    • WhenTwoWander Post authorReply

      You have to create these memories and stories so you can live and love life to its fullest extent!

  6. Oana Reply

    Love the article, not many people write about their drunk stories although we all had at least one. It’s good that it was a shower and not a bathtub otherwise it wouldn’t have been so funny. Wait – they deliver McDonalds in Bali? I wish they can do that in Europe as well. Thanks for sharing, this story made my day.

    • WhenTwoWander Post authorReply

      They sure do deliver McDonalds! One of the positive things about Bali being so tourist-oriented I guess!

  7. Samantha Sparrow Reply

    Sounds like an amazing story, one for the travel journals that is for sure! I love it when random things happen when travelling, it really makes the experiences so much richer!

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