Photo of the Week, 09/10/16 – Kampot, Cambodia

Welcome to our new Photo of the Week series. Photography is undeniably the best of way conveying memories, and it can be particularly powerful with travel. There are so many different sights, vibrant colours, and interesting people that sometimes words just don’t suffice.

For this reason, every Sunday we will post our favourite photo of the previous seven days. It may be an evocative image, an impressive sunset, or just a memory that we love. Today’s post is from last week as we wanted to include it in the series but from now on, the Photo of the Week will be posted on Sundays. We hope you enjoy the series and we’d love some feedback!


Meat Kampot market
A meat vendor at Kampot market.

On Sunday we visited a local market in Kampot, Cambodia. Before arriving, we didn’t quite realise how local ‘local’ meant. Perhaps a little naively, we assumed it would be like the tourist-track markets in Chiang Mai or Bangkok… You can imagine our surprise when we arrived.

The market consisted of long, narrow, winding alleys filled with counters like the one showed above. Some boasted fresh fruit and vegetables, flip-flops and sandals, and jewellery. Some on the other hand were filled with joints of raw pork and beef, as well as seafood like Stingray, Barracuda, and Crab. The smell was overwhelmingly ripe.

What struck us the most about these moments, and the reason this is our photo of the week was the differences in hygiene and standards of expectation. The meat vendors, this is but one example, sit on the counters barefoot (as is the custom in Cambodia) in extremely close proximity to the unrefrigerated, fly-covered meat products.

Visiting Kampot’s sweltering market-place was an eye-opening experience, one we will remember vividly. The shock we felt when faced with the sensory overload this market provides, will stay with us forever.

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