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CMF GROUPE makes every effort to ensure that errors of law are not committed in the information published by its editor. Users of this site is advised that in no case CMF GROUPE, publisher of this site may not be held liable for any errors of law. The user is advised that CMF GROUPE disclaims any responsibility for or written information provided by third parties. The free publication of articles and comments on the site of CMF GROUPE is a service provided by CMF GROUPE its users. CMF GROUPE is not liable for inaccurate information, errors of law, and opinions expressed on the site by third parties. Links to texts, pictures and references cited are for the convenience of users. Users are advised to check the accuracy of information and references contained on this site, and date of update.

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CMF GROUPE as a website published in France, and whose principal is based in France surrenders to French law and European law. In case of dispute, msj-industriecom fact confer jurisdiction to the commercial court of Clermont-Ferrand (63)..

This entire site is subject to French law, community and international copyright and intellectual property. CMF GROUPE retains full ownership of content, site structure, and technology which it employs for its operations (text, downloadable documents, images and icons, formatting, graphic, style sheet, bases data, applications, scripts, without the list being exhaustive or limiting). The banners and logos of partners, and trade names of companies or any other reference, attached are the property of authors and companies outside CMF GROUPE. Any reproduction or recording of any kind or on any medium whatsoever is subject to license the use of CMF GROUPE.

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CMF GROUPE respects copyrights and intellectual property. Our quotations and references are to the extent possible accompanied by the means of reaching the source. The reference articles are available on the Internet as far as possible left in free and direct from our site. If inadvertently this possibility was not available for a given source, thank you to contact the publication that the situation is corrected. CMF GROUPE asks its users seek to respect the rights of others and adhere to the same rigor. The extent of its technical and human resources, CMF GROUPE attempt to remedy the omissions of users posting on its site, but in any case, CMF GROUPE can not be responsible for an omission, deficiency, error on the part of an author or user outside CMF GROUPE. Commitment and respect for public order and morality CMF GROUPE agrees to withdraw any article produced by its staff or any of its users, and generally everything that can depend on his site, if is prejudicial to the rights of others, public order and morality, as defined by French law applies. For any claim, thank you for writing to the head of the publication, and confirmed by mail to the address above..

CMF GROUPE agrees to make every effort to verify the validity of information posted on its website. However, CMF GROUPE that has control of its editorial articles that product. For all items distributed by FJA GROUP subscribers or written by outside authors, CMF GROUPE lacks the technical, material and human resources to carry out stringent checks. As a user of this site, you are invited to notify CMF GROUPE apparent errors (Contact: responsible for the publication)

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The “article” is defined as any type of text, formatted or not, published by CMF group on its site or partner site. The “personal use” is defined as any use is strictly in the privacy of the user for personal and / or professional.


The license of CMF GROUPE provides its users, according to French legislation on copyright law and intellectual property:

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