Photo of the Week: 6-13 September | The Amazon

This week we managed to tick off a proper bucket list item – to stay in the Amazon jungle. Our second week in Ecuador took us to Nicky Lodge in the Cuyabeno Reserve of the Ecuadorean Amazon. It was another incredible experience that we will definitely write about in more detail.

This week’s photo of the week combines two things we love – the Amazon and sunsets. On our third day, we took a motocanoe an hour from our lodge to the Laguna Grande. At this time of year, the water levels are extremely low so the lake was more like a puddle. This meant that we could explore the lake bed and take some photos.

We scrambled out of the boat and up the muddy banks to walk around the lake bed. It was basically swamp, and our shoes have never recovered, but it gave us a chance to explore for a while. We waddled towards a group of vultures picking at a carcass and out of nowhere, a large caiman flew out of the water with its dinner! That gave us all a scare…

The best part of this visit to the lake was the awesome sunset that streaked across the sky as our motocanoe pulled away from the banks.


We managed to combine two of our favourite things, sunsets and the Amazon to come up with this week's Photo of the Week.

Like most people, we love sunsets. Finding a great one is such a thrill, and for it to happen in such an amazing setting as the Amazon Rainforest; it was wonderful.

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