Photo of the Week, 04/12/16 – Bohol, The Philippines

We came to Bohol on the recommendation of a random Filipina in the ocean in Siquijor and, following her advice, headed straight for Alona Beach. A week of unpredictable weather and random, 18-hour long power blackouts, meant that our time on the island was spontaneous; we had to remain flexible. 

The main ‘attractions’ in Bohol are the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier Conservation Area. We knew we wanted to visit both, but when and how, we didn’t know. In general, we have utilised tours for major attractions; whether that is with a chartered tuk-tuk driver or an organise group. This time though the group tours seemed inordinately expensive and visited ten places in one day. Instead, we thought we’d add a bit of adventure to our turbulent time in Bohol and head out on our own.

As neither of us know how to or are willing to risk driving and crashing a motorbike, we relied on local buses. Half of the fun of the day was riding these buses. It sounds lame but traveling as locals do, away from other tourists, and for so cheap was quite a thrill. We will definitely be adventuring this way in future. 

Our choice for this week’s Photo of The Week comes from our visit to the Tarsier Conservation Area:

The cutest little creature I've ever seen/looks like a Gremlin with the potential to kill.
The cutest little creature I’ve ever seen/looks like a Gremlin with the potential to kill.

Sam first came across these amazing creatures in early research of the Philippines way back in June last year. They are critically endangered due largely to wide scale deforestation and the destruction of their natural habitats. Only 700 exist in the wild in the dwindling Filipino forests and the Philippine Tarsier Foundation does great work in keeping the population regenerating.

Tarsiers do not do well in captivity due to their penchant for specific, live insects, and only give birth to one offspring per year. Apart from all this, they are so timid that if they are over-stressed (due to human contact, or too much light or noise), they repeatedly bash their head against a tree until their thin skull breaks and they die; quite the escape mechanism

They are such fascinating creatures, and not just for their suicidal anxiety issues. They’re dead cute whilst also looking suspiciously Gremlin-like with their 16mm eyes and pointy ears. Being so close to them in this semi-wild enclosure felt strange, considering their supposedly timid nature, but it was a chance to see an amazing creature up close. Perhaps in hindsight we would have researched the enclosure a bit more before visiting. 

You can read more about the Philippine Tarsier on the above link. 

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