Photo of the Week: 30 Aug – 5 Sep | Hollywood, Los Angeles

The city of angels, and the capital of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles is a famous destination for star-spotting and beach-bumming. On our way to Ecuador from Australia, we stopped in LA for a few days to get a taste of what the buzz is all about. LA was steaming hot and California is currently suffering the hottest temperatures it’s ever had at this time of year.

There is plenty to do in this steamy city, but top of the list must be a visit to the famous Hollywood sign. It’s a monument that is famous the world over for representing the reason that this city thrives. It has had many makeovers through the years (most recently, it’s clever conversion to ‘Hollyweed’ in reference to California’s legalisation of marijuana) but it still stands proud over the city.

Our visit was sweltering. We could see the sign from our hostel, but its one of those things you have to do even if you don’t really want to. We had to get this selfie at this iconic location.


Hollywood is the hub of the entertainment industry and the Hollywood sign is a monument to everything the industry represents. This is our photo of the week.

This photo wins this week because its just such an iconic location, and we’ll never forget walking around one of the richest areas in the world. We’d scheduled an Uber to pick us up from the viewing area at the top of the hill. However, we had no reception so we faced a two hour walk down extremely winding roads down to Hollywood Boulevard. Some of the houses in the area are simply incredible. A few of them look like actual castles!

As we were making our way down, a local multi-millionaire asked us to check if his brake lights were working. He was an aging chap who had lived in the area for thirty years. It was nice to speak to a local and we asked him how long it would take to get back to Hollywood Bld. He told us ‘about 45 minutes’ and then waved us off as we trudged off to find our hostel. About 10 minutes later, he’d hopped back in his car to come and offer us a lift.

We were touched that he’d gone to that effort and we eagerly jumped into his air-conditioned Toyota. This is one of the reasons we love travelling; we are often so surprised about the generosity of others.

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