Photo of the Week, 11/12/16 – Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Our first stop in Bali, Indonesia, was Seminyak; the slightly less seedy neighbour of Bali’s most popular resort, Kuta. Seminyak treads the line between vice-ridden, bass-thumping party hub, and stylish town with great restaurants and boutiques. There is not a whole lot of Indonesian authenticity about the place, but most of it’s visitors do not care one iota.

We were in Seminyak three days and felt like we’d got a taste of why many people have said ‘don’t bother with Bali’. It’s not all bad though, you don’t have to engage in the nightlife (although we did). There are other things to do and one of those is a visit to the Dream Museum Zone/Fantastic Trick Art Museum. This week’s image comes from here:

Fighting crocodiles in the Trick Art Museum

The museum seems quite dim, dirty, and well used and upon leaving we felt a little disappointed with the money we had spent. However, when we scrolled through our iPhone photos, we were amazed at how good some of the 3D art looks. The art in each room is themed and as we walked through, some of the larger murals blew us away with their intricacies. It’s such a clever museum, and the artists must be very skilled. We’d recommend a visit if you’re in Seminyak with kids in tow, or you’re looking for an alternative to boozing and surfing.

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