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The Philippines is a wonderful country with an incredible array of things to do. The beaches are stunning, white stretches of flawless sand met by turquoise-blue ocean as clear as crystal. Although the Philippines is an island nation, beaches are just one of the many examples of the power of nature in this country. Whether it’s waterfalls and mountains, or forests and coral reefs the Philippines has something special for everyone. 

We spent three weeks in the Philippines in November 2016 visiting Boracay, Dumaguete, Siquijor, and Bohol. Each of these is on a different island, and getting between each place can be a veritable nightmare – and expensive too. Still it was worth every Peso.


In Boracay, we lazed around on White Beach – one of the best beaches in the world. We met our friends from the UK who came to visit on their holiday. The four of us gazed at the orange sunset, taking photos as the paraw sailboats glided over the horizon. We visited bars and ate dinner on the beach on warm evenings. Its an extremely busy part of the Philippines, and Asia as a whole. Looking back though, we were very lucky to have experienced this stretch of paradise.

Dumaguete is a university town with little to offer in itself. However, there are some beautiful natural sights to behold if you go looking. We really wanted to go on a tour of nearby Apo Island to swim with Turtles, but the typhoon weather prevented us from doing so as the coastguard closed the ports. Still, we clamored across wet rocks to reach Casaroro Falls, one of the highlights of the trip and worth a visit for the fun ramble alone. 

The island of Siquijor is paradise in its truest form. Just take a look at this Photo Essay. Siquijor ruined us for sunsets. Floating in dead still water surrounded by coral and friends, we watched the sun transform the sky into an artist’s palette of colours. Oyster pinks and baby blues streaked the sky with hints of red and orange to add to the glory. It truly was breathtaking and something we would recommend to any visitor to this country. 

The final island we visited was Bohol. The capital, Tagbilaran, is merely a grotty Asian city but a visit to Island City Mall at the end of each month will allow you to watch the monthly show in which amateur models strut their stuff to win hampers, chocolates, and gift cards. It was such a fun and unique thing to watch in a nation obsessed by beauty. We stayed on Panglao Island, famous for Alona Beach, another Filipino beach with beautiful white sand. A visit to the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier Conservation Area topped the trip off. 

Our highlights reel for this trip is something we think is really special. Make sure not to watch it on mobile phones as we are still struggling with copyright restrictions. if you watch on the link below however, you should be able to see what we got up to. If you visit our YouTube channel, be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts and reactions, and subscribe if you love what we do. 

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4 thoughts on “[VIDEO] WhenTwoWander… The Philippines

  1. l3walker Reply

    Very cool video! It looked like you two had such a nice vacation. Makes me want to add those beaches to my bucket list!

  2. LC Reply

    Great video. The Philippines is somewhere I’d really like to go. Can’t fault a place that gives you plenty of beautiful sunsets and ample beach time, after all!

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