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Our Cambodia highlights reel is finally ready to be released. It’s taken a little longer than usual to get this one up as we’ve been in Laos; a nation untouched by fast internet speeds. Our time in Cambodia was very special to us. It was so surprising and surpassed all our expectations, we met some truly awesome people, and it was the first time we started to feel like backpackers, and not just holiday-makers.

Cambodians were always friendly to us, and it made our experience all the more enjoyable. It’s a country so steeped in surprising, tragic, and heroic history that two weeks simply isn’t enough to understand everything. You need to visit to see the ruinous grandeur of Angkor Wat, and to empathise with the millions murdered during the Khmer Rouge. We don’t learn about it in the west, so come see it for yourself here.


The first time we posted this highlights reel of our time in Cambodia, we were newbies to this vlogging game. The soundtrack that we used was copyrighted which meant that the video was blocked in nearly all countries around the world. We loved our time in Cambodia so much that we decided it would be best to remake the video – we really wanted to share our trip with you!

So here it is, the new and updated version, enjoy and thanks for watching. Don’t forget to give us a thumbs up, and subscribe to our channel


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